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Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre on the Gold Coast

Please note: Dr Kong has relocated to MyHealth Burleigh Waters, Shop 66, Stockland Burleigh Waters, 149 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Waters QLD 4220 - Please call 07 5669 1220 for appointments for yellow fever vaccination and travel advice.

I am proud to announce that our medical clinic has been accredited as a Yellow Fever vaccination centre in the recent weeks. As I am a keen traveller myself, I have a special interest in travel medicine and travel health.

To better serve our patients, we decided to become accredited for Yellow Fever vaccination so that we can provide the full range of travel vaccinations for our patients.

What is Yellow Fever?

It is a viral infection that is transmitted by infected mosquitos. Yellow Fever virus is found in Africa, Central and South America.

Symptoms of Yellow Fever

Most people who are infected can have no symptoms. Others will get influenza-like symptoms in the early stage such as chills, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, backache, nausea and vomiting. Some infected people may progress to a more toxic form of the disease which includes symptoms of jaundice (becoming yellow), bleeding and multiple organ failure.

Yellow Fever Prevention

Yellow fever vaccination is an effective way of preventing Yellow Fever. It is recommended in children over 9 months old and adults. It is also advised to prevent mosquito bites by applying mosquito prevention measures such as using DEET or Picaridin containing mosquito repellent, long sleeved clothes and using mosquito nets.

Yellow Fever Vaccination requirement

Some countries will refuse entry if you are not vaccinated for Yellow Fever. It is recommended that you check the entry requirements the destination you are travelling to and transiting in. Travellers more than 1 years old entering Australia within 6 days of having stayed overnight or longer in an infected country, as listed by WHO will require a valid Yellow Fever certificate. Yellow Fever certification will be issued once you have your Yellow Fever vaccination and this is valid 10 days after your vaccination and will be valid for 10 years. Some people who do have contraindication to have the Yellow Fever vaccination will need a letter from their doctor stating the reason for withholding the vaccine.